Febo Professional

Wholesale for pet supplies and gardening

Wholesale of pet food under own label as well as under customer labels.
Manufacture and marketing of promotional and low-price articles Suppliers of pet supplies and garden supplies in particular for discount, special item and/or repost markets, trade and zoo specialist dealers.


An overview of our standard range can be found in the section Animal supplies.
All articles from our warehouse range can be combined and delivered by truck on pallets without unloading aid.
In the category garden supplies, you will find our estate. * Groundnut * Bark-mulch etc.
Delivery is only possible from complete truckloads, ie about 28 Europaletten and cannot be combined with animal food.
Pet Supplies
garden Centres

Wholesale for special items:
Actions and special!
Just have a look at our website once, because GW-Handel is a special offered for special offers and special offers.
Not only for pet supplies but also other remaining items of the brand-name brands. Simply Removals

Happy customers;

“I’m glad to see my dog become more lively after I’ve tried to fed him your food product” Castle Finance

“Bruno was a skinny dog before but not anymore after I found the right food for him” Simply Removals